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Israel invites incentive movements from Indian market

In an exclusive chat with Voyager’s world, Hassan Madah, Director, Israel Ministry (IMOT) talks about the country’s MICE products and services for India.


The Israel Ministry of Tourism led a delegation to key cities in India in August in order to talk about Israel’s future plans including MICE offerings. At the Bangalore edition, Hassan Madah, Director, IMOT, said, “Two years back, nobody thought about taking incentive trips to Israel. Some companies send their representatives to Israel for business. We pushed the segment and spoke to so many people about it. It was difficult in the beginning because nobody did such trips. The agents and the corporates were not sure about having an incentive in Israel. We hosted many MICE agents on Fam tours dedicated to the MICE sector. In two weeks time, we are taking corporates from all over India on a corporate Fam tour in order to tell them that there is a scope for MICE movement here especially when we have collaborations with India in some sectors such as agriculture, information technology, diamonds and pharmaceuticals. Indians are buying some technologies from Israeli companies. We managed to convince few corporates such as HDFC Mutual Funds, BMW, UTI to have their incentive trips here. We have a lot of MICE movements from countries like China though the leisure segment is biggest from there.”

“Israeli agents are also very interested in promoting MICE in India. Of course, our campaigns have also generated a lot of awareness. The UTI event in June this year had 400 pax. Our MICE facilities have huge capacities and can host thousands of pax. The only challenge is the air connectivity from India. But still, during the TAFI Convention few years ago, we brought over 500 people over two three days.”

Indian movement

“The agents decide on the itineraries based on the requirements of the corporates. The MICE groups from India generally want to visit Israel for four days, stay in one place, do one gala event and one or two smaller events and a lecture by a local expert from finance and economics sectors in Israel. Some of them prefer team building activities while others prefer only touring. During the JITO Convention, they asked for a politician or an economist to talk to them about investments. Mutual funds groups ask for economists to talk to them about the stock exchange. Some dealers ask for trips with only fun activities.”


“In Israel, Indians mainly go to Jerusalem, Dead Sea and Tel Aviv. Some groups go to vineyards, Haifa, Eilat. Usually, they stay for 4 nights, 5 days. They prefer staying in one hotel and visiting nearby destinations as the distances are not too much from Tel Aviv.”


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